Welcome to Amritham Radhakrishna Nidhi Limited

The Amritham Radhakrishna Nidhi Limited incorporated on 31st July 2015 under corporate identity No. U65920KL2015PLC038928 is one of the companies under Radhakrishna Group. The group has always believed in returning wealth to the society it serves. Anchored in values and strong ethics, Amritham Radhakrishna Nidhi Limited is building businesses that will achieve growth through excellence and innovation while balancing the interests of its customers, employees and civil society. Based on the performance of all the Radhakrishna Group of companies over the years, Amritham Radhakrishna Nidhi Limited brand has come to stand for not only ‘Trust’ but quality, business leadership, the highest ethical standards and respect for all its customers.

Fairness and Service Quality

We intend to expand our industry-leading clarity commitment statements, eliminate hidden charges for all of our loans, and introduce easy-to-read loan agreements as preliminary steps toward uploading this commitment. We will continue to work to better understand what our shareholders want and need, and then translate that understanding into solutions to assist them in.

Regulatory Reform

We were early supporters of comprehensive regulatory reform. We support many of the steps that have been taken to better protect shareholders in the loan sector.

Our Mission

The Mission of this company is to make a brand name of its own in non-banking finance sector, by providing better cost effective, responsive and trusted services to its clientele, particularly in semi-urban and rural areas.


We believe that when everyone in the company works together, the best results are achieved. Great teams, we believe, are built on mutual trust, shared ownership, and accountability. We operate as one company and believe that by working together, we can best meet the needs of our customers.


We believe that integrity and risk management are the foundations of our business. Every day, we are aware that our decisions and actions have an impact on the lives of others. We believe in making decisions that are clear, fair, and based on shared success, responsible citizenship, and community building principles.

Power of Our People

We make every effort to help our employees reach their full potential. We believe that having a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds makes us stronger. We value our differences in thought, style, culture, ethnicity, and experience and respect each individual.


The Company visualize immense possibilities in financing housing and household sector. In addition to providing competitive financing to this sector, it will also provide many linked in services, like Money Transfer, Passenger Reservations, etc.etc. The Company aims for a horizontal and vertical growth in the near future, say within 5 to 10 years, in non-banking finance sector.

About the Group

The Amritham Radhakrishna Nidhi Limited incorporated on 31st July 2015 is the latest addition of companies under Radhakrishna Group. The pioneering company of the Group is Radhakrishna Kuries Ltd., registered in 1987. With presence in two states, Kerala and Tamil Nadu, we have six branch offices – at Guruvayur, Kunnamkulam, Koottanad, Pattambi, Thrissur and Coimbatore with three thousand trusted clientele. The company is certified for best management practices under ISO 9001:2015 standards. The other company under the Group is Radhakrishna Villas & Apartments Private Ltd., incorporated on 2nd February 2011 to conduct business in real estate sector. Many housing projects are under implementation under the company. In addition to the above, the Group has some sister concerns, APPAS Theatre, Govind Regency, RAMITS, Saptha Tharang Creations Private Limited, etc.